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Here at Patriot Ag Air, we provide our farmers and customers with a wide variety of precision aerial application services. We can do seeding, cover crops, aerial topdressing with dry or liquid fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, granules, and pretty much anything else that you need for your field or area.


Give us a call. We are quick, efficient, and will quickly earn your trust for years to come!



Aerial Spraying has been around for over 100 years! Since it's inception, farmers have consistently understood that to get things done quickly, aerial application was essential to their operations. Some of the benefits are: no crop damage from wheel tracks, no disease transfer from equipment, timely applications when it matters the most, and evenly controlled pesticide applications. Our aircraft are equipped with GPS and flow control technology for precise, even and efficient aerial application.


Here is a quick list of the services we can offer you in aerial spraying:

→ seeding

→ cover crops

→ Fertilizer topdressing

→ Dry or liquid fertilizer

→ pesticides including fungicides & insecticides



Applying crop protection products and dry material by air is fast, efficient, and reliable.  Aerial application can cover on average THREE times as many acres as a ground rig!

→ Timing is everything.  Get your acres done fast and on your schedule

→ No compaction

→ Zero crop loss (up to 3% by ground rigs.  Example - corn @ $3.60/bu and 175 bu/ac.  3% could cost the grower $18.90/ac in crop damages!)

→ Uniform coverage

→ Airplanes do not contact the crop so they will never spread disease from field to field 


There is no better method for protecting your crops and keeping cash in your pocket than aerial application.  Aerial applicators like us have been commonly used in times of emergency, like insect or rodent infestations, and crop disease outbreaks.  However, more and more growers are reaping the benefits of planned aerial fungicide applications on their crop.

→ Higher yields

→ Better plant health

→ Harvest efficiency - An aerial application of fungicide saves time/equipment cost at harvest as there is no knock down from ground rigs and stronger standing crops making it easier for harvest equipment to operate efficiently.

Whether it is too wet for your equipment to get in the field or you want to apply fertilizer in standing a crop, aerial application can be the difference of getting it on in time or being late.  Aerial application of your fertilizer can also give your crop the extra nutrients they need without the crop loss and compaction from a ground rig.



Aerial Seeding (Cover Crops)

Cover crops are taking off as growers realize many advantages that they provide. Cover crops improve soil conditions, prevent erosion, and decrease the cost and need of fertilizer in the spring.  A great way to maximize their use is by aerial application. Flying them on as early as August in standing corn, for example, gives them several months to grow and mature before the frost.  Drilling after harvest only allows a short growing time before winter sets in, so our aerial application advantage of time, application, and efficiency become quite evident!



At Patriot Ag Air we strive to keep our operation seamless and efficient. Our approach allows us to keep our pricing well within your budget!    

Pricing for an application requires many factors to be considered.  Ferry distance to other airports, distance from the airport to the field, application rates per acre, size of the field, and obstacles in the field are all contributing factors.



Fertilizer is usually applied at higher amounts per acre (100-120#) so this requires much more time for constant loading, takeoffs, ferrying, and landings.  Fertilizer application cost will be calculated by pounds per acre.


Aerial Spraying

Fungicide and other pesticides are usually applied at 2, 3, or 5 gal/ac.  Cost of application depends on gal/ac.


Cover Crops

Over-seeding application costs are also based on pounds per acre.  Rates can vary from 15-80 pounds depending on blends and retailer recommendations.  Again, distance from the loading zone is also a factor.    



Prepay and referral discounts available.

Contact us today with any questions, or to get specific quotes.



Track your aerial applications using our 

Flight Plan Online™  Aerial Application Software!


State of the art software interface for aerial applicators, retailers, and growers.  This software seamlessly takes the grower and aerial applicator from work order submission to pilot maps, application records, inventory, and invoicing.  The retailer or grower can rest easy that all fields have positively been identified on both side as well as the application data for each specific field.  Customers can access data at any time from any device to check on the progress and review work orders. Contact us to set up a login and get started!

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